Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tutti Fruitti Apple Skirt and Onesie

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I love putting my daughter in dresses and skirts. However, the problem with dresses is that I always have to look for matching bloomers so that she can’t get to her diaper (if you know what I mean J) There are skirts with bloomers already sewn into them, but then I have to put a t-shirt on her, which I don’t really like since they always ride up on her belly. I can’t put a onesie on underneath a bloomered skirt since a triple layer – diaper, onesie, skirt with bloomer – is not an option in 100 degree Texas heat. I know, I make it sound so difficult! Anyway, my preferred solution is a onesie and a skirt, which is exactly what I received to review from Jessie's Etsy store, CeCe Lu Couture, in an adorable green and red apple design! 

Since I sew, I appreciate good craftsmanship when I see it. I must say that no corners were cut in regards to this onesie and skirt set. In fact, CeCe Lu Couture's profile states:
"We at CeCe Lu Couture love making quality and beautiful pieces for your Prince or Princess. Only the best quality fabric and clothing are used and lots of love and care are put into every piece and every outfit."

I love that the apple embroidered onto the onesie has a little bite out of it, just like the apples on the fabric! The green polka dot pattern on the bottom of the skirt also matches well, and all of the seams are sewn well. I also love the ruffle effect on the waist caused by the way she sewed the elastic – so chic! Lol.  

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