Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Reversible Workhorse Summer Hat

My husband and I just moved into a neighborhood with 2 community pools, so we plan to take our daughter swimming a lot….. it’s the only sensible thing to do outdoors here during the summer! She’s still quite young and pretty fair skinned, so I always have to put a hat and lots of sunscreen on her. I needed a workhorse hat – one that she could get wet, that I could shove into my bag, pocket, armpit, wherever, that I could wash over and over again without it losing its shape…..and, of course, one that was cute! 

Besides great hats (check out her Mommy & Me sets), Andrea has shoes, dresses, and other great children's items for sale in her Etsy shop, Bula Jeans Boutique. Most shops usually cater to little girls, but Andrea makes lots of great items for boys too:

A little about Andrea and her shop:
     "Hello! My name is Andrea Jean (Bula is a nickname my husband calls me). I am a self-proclaimed craft-o-holic and a scrap-bin junkie. Since preschool I have been collecting and saving things that might one day be useful. Before the days of recycling my Mom had to bury plastic containers, etc. at the bottom of the trash so I wouldn't pick them out. I am obsessed with finding new uses for things others throw out.
     I am a blessed mommy to a 5-month-old little angel. Thanks to the recent success of my other etsy shop (futureleader78)I am able to stay at home with my her this year. This new shop has been inspired by her! Ever since our home began filling up with baby items I have been left wanting more. More organic - less plastics, more natural - less chemicals, more quality - less waste. This is what I aim to provide with my new products."

I love both the owl print and green floral print of this hat, and the fact that it's reversible - the colors are so bright and summery. No matter how many times I wash it or how I abusively stuff it into my bag, the cleverly designed brim still flares out to cover her neck and face. The buttoned chinstrap also prevents her from taking it off (Velcro doesn’t work on this girl). Awesome summer hat!

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