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The Cutest Toy for Your Little one.....and a chance to win one!

     When i first saw Derilyn's Cookie Nummie Monsters I immediately thought, "I want one.....for myself". They are so cute and I love that their hands can be tied to attach themselves onto stroller handles, etc. My daughter is 9 months old and I thought this doll would be the perfect size for her to cuddle and befriend. Derilyn was sweet enough to let me pick which one I wanted to review, so I chose this cute pink "CupCake" monster. This is one of Derilyn's premium monsters because it has soft minky fur fabric and is filled with a faux down fiberfill.

So, who is the creator of these adorable dolls?
     "Hello, my name is Derilyn and I am the mother of two beautiful little girls and have now become a stay at home mom after working hard in the retail arena for 15 years. I have decided to put my creative and artistic talents to use and share my products with you, I hope you enjoy them! 
     I have been making crafts and artwork since I was a little girl but have never tried to sell anything, so I hope I can finally make this work! I started out making throw pillows for my own home, then expanded my collections when I signed up for a local street fair where I had planned to sell my hand painted furniture. The pillows were really just there to take up space in my stall, but ended up being the only things I sold! This inspired me to start my Etsy shop, and the rest is history!
     The Cookie Nummie dolls were born when I was looking for a fun project to do with my 5-year old, Allison. We made the first doll together from a pattern I purchased at JoAnn’s, and she loved it! I had her write her name on the back of it, and to keep it from washing away, I embroidered over the lettering. This got me thinking I could make this doll a LOT cuter, and the wheels started turning. Several evolutions later, pretty much the only thing left from the original is the long arms. 
     My two year old, Sofia, can take credit for naming them. At the time, her favorite character on Sesame Street was Cookie Monster, whom she did a priceless impression of. Well, the first doll I made for her was a darker blue color, and had large googley eyes. She must have thought it looked like Cookie Monster, because she called it her “Cookie Nummie”. I was going to call them something else, but this was just too cute! 
     So this started out as fun little toys for my kids, but when we were invited to a friend’s kid’s birthday party and needed a last minute gift, a Cookie Nummie seemed just perfect. Needless to say, our friends and their daughter loved it so much they needed another one for their other daughter, and their friends needed them for their kids too. Voila! I was all of a sudden in the plush business. I hope you love them as much as we do!"

Here are a few pictures of Sofia with her Cookie Nummie:

     I was delighted when I took CupCake out of the package. I just sat there and stared at its cuteness and craftsmanship for a while. It is seriously the cutest doll I've ever seen. I kept finding sweet little details too, from the applique patches, to the cute little bow, to the embroidery of the face, patches, and lettering. The fiberfill gives it a nice density that will surely stand up to lots of hugs, squeezes, and washes. Derilyn also hand trimmed around all of the hand-stitching to make them more visible on the plush minky fabric. I can certainly see the love that went into making this doll, and I can't imagine how long each one takes to finish. The attention to detail is amazing. All of the appliques are attached with fusible webbing so there are no edges that will fray or come loose. I know this is a toy, but it is also a real work of art....and worth every penny! It is very durable and still looks new after a machine wash and dry!

     My daughter loves to sit on her little chair and hold CupCake by the ears while she watches Sesame Street. I'm sure she'll be dragging CupCake around by the ears when she starts walking. It measures 12.5"x10", so it's small enough for a baby to play with, but large enough for a toddler to hug too. I found it great for nap a cuddle buddy for baby.....or as a pillow for me :). These Nummie Monsters can also be personalized with your child's name for an extra special touch! They come in lots of different fabrics, styles, and colors. I also can't believe how affordable they are!

     Derilyn is offering a giveaway of your choice from one of her Mini Cookie Nummie Monsters with personalization! You can enter in a few easy steps (please make sure to leave a comment and email address for each entry):

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I will randomly choose a winner on Wednesday, April 6. Good luck!

My Alternative to Ferber

So the title of this post was supposed to be "Day 3 of Sleep Training My 9.5 Month Old", but as you can see that's not quite how things turned out.

After "Day 2" I was a bit worried. She cried a lot more than on day 1, and everything I read said it was supposed to get better. Well day 3 was not better. It happened a few days ago so I can't quite remember all of the details but it consisted of a lot of screaming and not a whole lot of sleep. I read that babies 8 months and older may start getting even more upset when you do the whole walk in and out of the room thing. Apparently, younger babies are comforted when you come back in the room, while older babies just get more and more frustrated. Well frustration turned into the loudest screaming I'd heard to date, and my little one's stamina really impressed me. LOL....seriously.

Whereas the previous 2 nights were screaming and crying for 30 minutes or so, the third night seemed to go on forever. I managed to get her to sleep by 9, but she woke up again at 10. I decided not to go in and she cried for about 5 minutes and then settled back to sleep. That gave me hope.....but then she woke up at 2....and didn't go back to sleep until 3:30. Then woke up at 5....and didn't go back to sleep until I nursed her. Then woke up at 7. When she would wake up before, we would hear her whine a little, then start to whimper, then start crying if we didn't go in her room. That night there were no warnings, just a loud YELL, which really scared me, each time she woke up. She'd be standing up by the time we went into her room. She would quiet down to rest and then get back up and scream with such determination that my husband and I just kept looking at each other in amazement. I really had high hopes for Ferber, but bit by bit my will power started to crumble. I really think Ferber can work with the right families....I just don't think ours is one of those.

So what have I been doing instead? I'm sure there is a name for it, or for some variation of it, coined by numerous people with loads of experience and credentials....heck I probably read it somewhere since I'm no parenting genius myself.....I just don't feel like looking it up right now. I decided - NO MORE CRYING. With Ferber she was crying for just as long as I'd be rocking her to sleep, so I felt guilty that I was letting her cry when I knew of a solution......especially since she didn't end up sleeping longer. I know the golden rule of baby sleep is to not put them in their crib fully awake so I decided to stick with that and experiment with the rest. On the first night I followed her bedtime routine of dinner, bath, playtime, and and nursing. I nursed her in the dark and got her pretty drowsy, then continued rocking her in a lying down position for about 10 minutes. She was drowsy but still blinking her eyes. I then laid
her down in her crib and she immediately turned over onto her belly. I laid both of my hands on her back and she continued lying down. I then patted her slowly with one hand for about 5 minutes, continuously slowing down my pat pace until I could feel her body relax completely. I then stop patting with my hand still on her back and took another 5 minutes to decrease the weight on her back until my hand was off. I was afraid I'd wake her back up by opening the door and letting the light in so I stayed in her room for another few minutes, then crept out. She slept from 8:30-5. Hoorah. I seem to have an inexplicable amount of beginners luck, so I wasn't counting my chickens yet (heck, look at what happened with the Ferber method).

A problem I've had is her daytime schedule too. Sometimes she sleeps till 9:30 after I bring her to my bed at 7 for a nurse, sometimes she's up for the morning at 7 after the nurse. Her late wakening pushes her first nap late, and if I try and make her skip her second nap she is REALLY fussy by bedtime. Otherwise, she takes such a late second nap that she ends up too energized to sleep at 8. I know, I know, make her wake up at the same time every day. So easy in theory, so difficult when you realize you can actually get more desperately needed sleep in the morning.

That morning she slept after I nursed her at 5 until 8, which meant her nap would fall at the worst possible time - 11:30-12, meaning her second nap would fall at gasp - 5:30-6. YUCK. Well, she didn't sleep until 10:30, and there were a few times when I thought to myself, "should I just let her cry it out and wear off some of that energy?" I feel so mean as I type it, but in my defense it was after trying for an hour and a half to get her to sleep. Also, when she falls asleep late it usually meant her getting up more during the course of the night. However, she didn't wake until 6:30.....a good sign I think ;). We'll see how it goes tonight.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 2 of Sleep Training My 9.5 Month Old did not go so smoothly.
She took one nap yesterday, from 1:30-2:30 and then my husband picked her up and she fell back asleep in his arms 5 minutes later until 3:30. We fed her at 6:50, bathed her at 7:20, and then I nursed her at 8 and laid her in the crib very drowsy. She turned herself onto her tummy, whined a little, then fell asleep. At 10:30 she woke up crying, which was odd because she has never woken up at that time's usually past midnight when she wakes up. My husband goes in there, gives her a hug, lays her back down, and walks out. She screams for 5 minutes, and my husband goes back in to repeat the process. During the next 10 minutes there are periods where she quiets down, even lying down at some points  (to restore energy?), but then stands back up and screams. Hubby goes in and she gets even more agitated. 15 minutes more of the same alternating between calm and screaming.... just when we think she's about to fall asleep she stands back up and screams full blast. It is HEARTBREAKING. I spend the last 5 minutes staring at the baby monitor until hubby tells me time is up and I go into her room. Her bed is wet due to mucous and tears so I pick her up and we change the sheets, which only wakes her up even more, but she's laughing and smiling (which kinda makes me feel like she's played us.... but isn't that supposed to happen only after they turn 2?) Her nose has been running a bit these past 2 days which caused the wet sheets, but she doesn't seem sick otherwise. I hold her for about 5 minutes and she gets drowsy in my arms so I lay her back down and pat her for about a minute. She rolls over and falls asleep.

She wakes up at about 5AM and I quickly get my husband up. I also think, should I go in and feed her? He picks her not Ferber.....and holds her for about 5 minutes and then lays her in her crib and she falls asleep! She sleeps until 8AM.

Now I'm just totally confused. I think the problem may have been that I nursed her in the dark at 8 and so she was practically asleep when I laid her down? I'm going to try feeding her dinner earlier today so that I can nurse her  before it's lights out. I also think maybe we waited too long before going into her room at 10:30? She was crying already for about 3 or 4 minutes when we went in there after she woke up. But isn't that anti-self-soothing? However, it was a small triumph that hubby managed to get her back to sleep at 5 without much crying and NO NURSING.....which has led me to doubt this whole Ferber thing yet again. We're going to try one more night though, just so we know we've tried it for the full 3 days like our pediatrician suggested.

Yes, we are well aware that we have no idea what we're doing.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 1 of Sleep Training My 9.5 Month Old

     Last night was our first try....but we had a little hick-up in our plans. Everything was on schedule, our baby had an early nap, good dinner, and a bath. I nursed her and put her in her crib. Normally she would be almost asleep by this point, but would start stirring when I opened the door. I would then come back and pat her for a few minutes to help her fall back asleep. So, as I opened the door, right on cue she started to stir and cry. I shut the door and walked into the living room with the baby monitor. She got up, immediately crawled to the side of the crib facing the door, pulled herself to a standing position, and started screaming. I waited 5 minutes, went back into the room, laid her back down, and walked back out. If you've read my previous post "To Cry or Not To Cry" you'll have noticed that I broke one of our rules ALREADY. My hubby was supposed to go in there instead of me. Sigh, I just couldn't help myself. I then waited 7 minutes (because 10 was just too long....yes, breaking yet ANOTHER rule), walked in, and stepped in a pile of....yeesh....spit up. It was just a small pile - it looked like she may have choked while crying - and so I yelled for hubby to come help while I scoop her up into my arms, feeling like the worst mother in the world. Sigh. Big Sigh. On go the lights, out come the wet rags for cleanup, and there goes our plan.
     I hold her for awhile and (yes, seriously) hubby and I discuss if we should just let her sleep in our bed. I'm annoying myself with our indecision as I type this. Anyway, I say no, the older she is when she sleeps in our bed the harder it'll be for us to transition her back to her crib. I hold her for a while to calm her down, but I'm still thinking if we should just let her in bed with us. I tell hubby to hold her while I take a shower just in case we switch tactics. Hubby says he'll hold her while watching some tv until she gets drowsy,  then try Ferber again. I come out from my shower and hear her screaming in her crib. He says she got drowsy so he put her in the crib and has been crying for about 3 minutes. At 5 minutes he goes in, lays her down, and comes back out saying she's just pushing him away when he tries to comfort her. I go in there, hug her while she's standing which calms her down a bit, then lay her back down. I then tell him I'm going into the bedroom and he'll have to continue this, which he agrees to. She screams for what seems like eternity, but in reality it's only for another 8 minutes, at which point there's silence. Sweet silence. My main concern with our plan was how she could possibly go from standing and screaming to lying down and sleeping without any help. We had tried Ferber before, but only when she was too young to get up. I really didn't think it would work for a baby that's standing up. But you know what? She did it. She screamed, then laid down, then fell asleep. Hubby couldn't believe it either because he came into the room and asked if I had gone in there. I said no, and we both looked at each other in shock. 8 minutes......13 in total.....well not counting the whole previous spit up episode :(.
     She slept soundly until 4AM. This was typical, since she didn't fall asleep until 10PM last night and usually wakes after 6 hours. Again indecisiveness hit us. Hubby asked if we should master the bedtime thing first before trying to cut out nursing, but I told him we really couldn't do one without the other. When she goes to bed at 8PM, she normally gets up somewhere between midnight and 2. I nurse her at that point to get her back to sleep. If I continued to nurse her to sleep in the middle of the night, we'd be backtracking. So we tried the 5 minute thing again, but this time I didn't go into her room at all. She screamed for a total of 23 minutes, then laid back down and fell asleep. It was truly one of the strangest things I've ever seen. It was as if she thought, "well, I guess they're not going to come pick me up" and then decided to go back to sleep. She didn't wake up until 8AM in the morning.
     She has also napped less today. At around 8.5 months, she weaned herself down from 3 naps to 2. In the past week, she has been taking later and later morning naps, which has led to later afternoon naps, and thus a later bedtime (which has added to our sleep problems as well). It looks like she'll be taking just one nap today from 1:30-3:00. I think taking only one nap will help her sleep more tonight without making her feel overly tired at any point. Also, I didn't have to nurse or rock her to sleep for her nap. I just noticed when she started looking tired, held her for about 5 minutes until she laid her head on my shoulder, then laid her in bed. She whined a little, turned herself over onto her belly, and fell asleep.
     Am I hopeful? Yes. But we'll see what happens.

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To Cry or Not to Cry

     Every mother hates to hear her baby cry. EVERY MOTHER. So when it comes to bedtime, our goal is get our little one to fall sleep in a calm and peaceful manner. So we rock, we sing, we nurse, we pat for as long as it takes, only to have baby wake up when their head hits the mattress aaaand REPEAT! Yes, we would do anything for our baby. 
     However, there comes a point when mama needs to sleep too! Hence the overwhelming amount of blogs posts, baby websites, networks, and books out there that proclaim their magic steps to "get your baby to sleep through the night". Ferber, modified Ferber, Pantley, Sears, and all those in between.....I've probably read them all and "tried" some version of each. The first thing to determine is, which method are you comfortable with? Some can't bear to let their baby cry at all, some can. Maybe some of you are like me, swaying towards one end of the scale one minute, the other the next. I've often felt like a hypocrite, telling my husband one minute to let her cry, then picking her up the next to nurse her back to sleep. It takes some time, especially for a first time mom, to build up enough determination to let your baby scream her head off. You ask yourself, "Why am I doing this again? Am I traumatizing her? Shouldn't I just suck it up?"  The days when I've had more determination to let her cry for a while usually followed nights of close to no sleep. Did those random attempts solve our sleep problems? Of course not. Do I know what my real problem is? Why yes....I think so - CONSISTENCY. On every baby sleep website there will be instructions to pick a method and stick to it for somewhere between 3-14 days before expecting results. Easier said than done. 
     My little girl was sleeping from 8AM to 8PM at about 3 months. After getting up every 2-3 hours to nurse for 2.5 months, and two weeks of getting up every 4-6 hours, one morning hubby and I woke up, realized what time it was, looked at each other with puzzled looks, and asked "Did you get up with her?" It was wonderful.... for about 2 months. After some research I now know that around 4 months babies hit a milestone/growth spurt and many will start waking up and rearranging their sleep schedules. I didn't know this at the time, or that I should've tried to help her get back on schedule at that point. I just thought she was teething, feeling sick.... you know, something temporary that would go away and I'd have my nights back. So when she started waking up at abnormal times I would pick her up, nurse her, rock her, soothe her back to sleep, and carefully place her back in the crib. There were nights when she woke up only once, nights when she woke up every other hour. I reverted back to newborn survivor mode, functioning on 3 hours of sleep at a time, and going through the motions like a zombie during the day. It's really amazing what your body can adapt to....whether or not you're productive is another story :). 
     Week after week rolled by and before I knew it she was 8 months old. Uh oh, she should be sleeping through the night and not having to nurse till morning at this point, right? It seemed like everything I tried, from the cry-it-out method to the no cry method would work okay for a day or two, then either our schedule or hers would be off for some reason. A really late nap, no appetite at dinner, late getting home, etc. We would also bounce around methods, trying one thing for a night or two, then getting off track, then trying something else for a night or two. I say we, but honestly, it was me. Hubby and I would make a plan, but I would be the one trying to do it. I think one of the key points to making a sleep method work is teamwork between partners. You have to take turns, because most people will not have the willpower necessary to keep going in and out of the room, keeping time, bearing the scream of their baby, etc. at 4 in the morning after months of no sleep. It is especially hard for families where the baby is still nursing, because they expect it from Mom, and Mom knows it's an easy fix to the crying. Dads know it's a quick fix too, and will try and pull the "I think she's hungry" trick to hand off the baby. I would get up, night after night thinking, "This is it, I'm going in there to give her a pat, then walking back out", only to have my resolution dissolve 5 exhausting minutes later. I gave in time and time again out of exasperation and exhaustion - nursing to get her back asleep, only to do it again 3 hours later. I don't know why I bothered to let her cry those 5 minutes, because it was obviously not going to work. 
     At 9.5 months, my daughter has a bedtime routine, but no routine for the actual falling asleep part. Sometimes she falls asleep as I'm nursing her, sometimes she doesn't. Sometimes she wakes up at midnight and I nurse her, sometimes all she needs is a few pats. Sometimes she wakes again at 2, sometimes at 4 for nursing.  We've decided it's time for action. My fear is that I'll have a toddler in a few years with sleep problems because I never helped her to learn how to soothe herself. We have 2 goals - to get her to sleep through the night (more than 6 hours) and to stop night nursings. We've decided on a variation of the Ferber method, and this time I'm waking hubby up to do it - I'll nurse to get her nice and drowsy, say goodnight, and put her to bed. That's it for me till morning. When she cries, hubby will be the one to go in there in increments of 5 minutes to soothe, lay her back down (she stands up in her crib, faces the door, and SCREAMS), say goodnight, and walk out. Will it work? We'll see, but this time I'm determined.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Exfoliate your face or your a giveaway must-have for every coffee drinker!

     I'm sure I've said it before - I love reusable things. I also love dual/multi purpose things. That is the premise of my own Etsy store. So these hand-knit washcloths immediately caught my eye because they have both of these attributes AND come in gorgeous colors! These washcloths are soft enough to use on your face or delicate china, yet textured enough to clean up messes. No more wasteful paper towels and tissues! The colors in the set I reviewed are SO yummy and appropriately named Neapolitan:

     These washcloths are made by Maria, who sells hand-knit washcloths, coffee cup sleeves, soap savers, and scarves. They come in the prettiest colors too! She describes why she opened her Etsy store, HeritageKnitting:
     "In my family, knitting has been a craft handed down from generation to generation. My grandmother taught my mother during the snowy, Minnesota winters and my mother taught me when I was a hyper teenager with too much time on my hands.
     I discovered Etsy while checking at a job I hated. Yes… CNN, the corporate commercial giant led me to Etsy, the headquarters for the hand-made little business movement. I was completely intrigued with the idea that I could work at home doing something I loved. By this time, I had a closet full of well made, hand knitted scarves that I wasn’t doing anything with. In October 2010 I quit my job and opened HeritageKnitting with no startup capital and no idea how to run a home business. It took a couple months of advertising and many late nights researching how to make a living by home crafting before I made my first sale.
     I am still very new to all of this, but I’m loving every second of it. I am very thankful to those who have given me the chance to turn a family craft into a family business. I hope and trust you will love my items as much as I enjoy making them."

     I received the package quickly and appreciated the extra touch in her wrapping and thank you note. It would certainly be appropriate to send an item from Maria's store as a gift to someone:

     I stopped just long enough to snap a few pictures, then tore into the box. My first thought was, "I LOVE these colors!!!" I am a sucker for pink, yes, and the tricolor combination is so sweet. They would make perfect housewarming, baby shower, or birthday gifts for your friends....or yourself :). I examined the washcloths carefully and found each to be very well made. There were no pulls or loose ends. At first, I couldn't decide what I wanted to do with them, but after some thought decided on the strawberry for me (of course), the vanilla for baby, and the chocolate for the kitchen.
     They are the perfect size - enough surface to clean, yet small enough to handle. Each is 7"x7", made of 100% cotton, and nice and fluffy.

     So, how did they hold up? Quite nicely. I washed and dried them first, as I do with everything new. They kept their shape well, but the knit tightened up a bit (as will all 100% cotton knitted items) causing the squares to shrink about 0.5". This was super easy to remedy, I just gave a little pull to stretch them back out and voila! Good as new.
     I used the strawberry one initially to clean my face, and it exfoliated so well that I decided to take it with me to the shower. My body felt soft and buttah....after a scrub (I'll have to keep it from my hubby, who likes to use wash cloths for his showers). I normally like to use a loofas to scrub, but hate that I can't properly wash them. Regular washcloths are too thin, don't exfoliate, and don't suds up well. The loose knit on this wash cloth worked up a great, luxurious lather for me, and when it gets dirty I can just throw it in the washing machine!
     I then used the vanilla wash cloth on baby during her bath. I'm sure she loved the suds and the softness of the knit too. I've also used it damp to wipe her face and hands after meals, which works much better at getting off crusted food than paper towels (which she hates because they're scratchy) or tissues (which fall apart when wet).
     As for the kitchen, the chocolate wash cloth did a great job cleaning dishes. I hate using sponges because they get gross so quickly, and had the same problem of no lather and no scrubbing ability with regular washcloths as I did on my face. This one worked great. It was absorbent, which is great for wiping counter tops, and the loose knit of it was great at scrubbing dishes. 
     I highly recommend these washcloths, and Maria is super sweet to work with. If you want an eco-friendly way to clean your house or yourself, get a set of these. Stop wasting paper!!! They come in a variety of colors and also in a 11"x11" size (perfect as a baby blankie, dish towel....or even to wash your car).
Maria is giving away a coffee cup sleeve. Never waste another cardboard sleeve at Starbucks! It saves a little cardboard, insulates your hot drink, and helps you to identify your it's just pretty to look at ;).

How do you enter to win this fabulous coffee cup sleeve? Simple!
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The cutest headbands for you and baby....and a chance to win one!

     My little girl is 9 months old and was born with a full head of hair. However, as month after month went by, her baby hair fell out and the new growth has taken its own sweet time to come in..... so no hair clips for us yet. I am not one who likes putting bows and flowers the size of my baby's head on her head, so when I came across Natalie's Etsy store, Bella Fleur, her sweet headbands caught my attention. Natalie pairs rosettes and flowers with pearls, rhinestones, and feathers in feminine and chic combinations that would make any mom want to borrow them from her daughter. In fact, I'm wearing one right now :).

     Natalie says, "I am a stay at home mom with a 3yr old boy and a 13 month old baby girl. My little girl is who inspired me to start creating headbands, as I absolutely love dressing her up. I am having so much fun coming up with new designs to compliment any outfit!"

     Bella Fleur is a relatively new store but it's doing extremely well. I'm sure its success is in part due to Natalie's craftsmanship. I am impressed by how well made her headbands are. All raw edges are hidden, and she even covers the spot where the flower is attached to the headband with felt so it won't scratch baby's head. I can attest to the durability of these delicate looking headbands too, since I found my daughter trying to yank a flower off one. Luckily, it was still in perfect condition after the abuse. Below are some pictures before we used them. You can see that they would make great gifts too!

     Natalie's headbands don't just look good, they fit great too. I received these in size 6months-24months. However, both my daughter and I are able to use them. You can see in the pictures they are not loose on her, nor tight on me. She also doesn't protest when I put them on her, so they must be comfortable. They are nice and soft on me too (I suffer from headaches if headbands are too tight). I also use them as hair ties for ponytails and buns. I love that we can both wear them!


     These headbands are so pretty, comfortable, and versatile. There are so many stores selling headbands right now that it's hard to know which to buy from. After this review, you should feel more than comfortable purchasing from Bella Fleur. 

You have a chance to win a headband of your choice from Bella Fleur! 
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Learn Something New Tuesday

Life with the Dietrichs
1. Have kids? Yes How many? 1
2. Want kids? Yes, 1 more
3. Names picked out? Not yet
4. Funniest thing a kid has said? It was what he said with an action. When I was teaching preschool a student we were joking around and I said "You did it!" and poked him on the shoulder. He said in return, "No, You did it!" and poked me in the boob.
5. Do kids annoy you? Some of them
6. When you were younger how many kids did you think you’d have by now? 0-1 

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Sunday Blog Hops

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