Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Snuggly Monkey Ouchie Pouch Boo Boo Bag

I had the perfect opportunity to review the Snuggly Monkey Ouchie Pouch yesterday. It was quite silly actually, my daughter was running toward my hubby to go in for a hug and smacked her lower lip right into his shoulder. Really? Anyway she split it just a teensy bit and it started bleeding. I thought, AH HA! ran to the freezer and grabbed the Ouchie Pouch. She loves birds and so immediately reached for it. I told her to hold it against her lip, thinking, yeah right she's not going to do it, but she cradled it in her two hands and put it right over her mouth like a pillow.

* A removable, washable cover made from high-quality 100% cotton fabric
* High quality construction with enclosed seams, so that the cover doesn't fray in the wash
* The flaxseed pouch is made using two layers of unbleached cotton muslin and double-stitched for extra strength
* Available in either Unscented or Lavender
* Reusable, Eco-friendly and Non-toxic all natural materials

* Perfect for kid-sized boo-boos on little knees, elbows, foreheads, etc.
* Perfect size and shape to slip into a bra to help alleviate the discomfort that may accompany early breastfeeding.
* Soothing lavender scent (* optional) helps with relaxation and stress relief.
* Perfect size for c-section recovery.
* The ideal size to keep in your purse, the car or your desk at work for relief on the go.
* Can be discreetly tucked into your waistband to help with targeted lower back pain relief or cramps.
* Sore shoulder? Neck pain? Target the heat/cold exactly where you need it!
* Works well as a hand-warmer too!

It is such a great alternative to regular ice packs because they are squishy and so mold around any boo boo. They are filled with organic flaxseed so the pouch itself gets cold, but not freezing and so doesn't turn their poor skin all red. They can also be heated in the microwave to use as heat packs. I also love that the covers are removable and washable. The pretty fabrics Ouchie Pouches come in are great for kids, but also fun for adults!

SnugglyMonkeyCo also has lots of other cute items, from Badge ID Holders, to pocket mirrors, to eye pillows. Be sure to check out the Etsy shop!