Tuesday, June 28, 2011

2 Owls on a Branch

CherryWalls is an Etsy shop where you can find lots of fun decals for any room in your house. They offer a variety of trees in all sorts of styles, designs for children or adults, and also monograms which I don't see very often. The decals can be customized in a variety of colors, and are elegant, yet whimsical. Here are some designs:

Veronica sent me a cute decal of 2 owls sitting on a branch, and I was able to choose the colors of the owls. At first I wasn’t sure where to put this decal up. I felt like it would be too small to put by itself in a room, but was so cute that I wanted it somewhere prominent. I was walking through my house and popped into my daughter’s bathroom to pick up some laundry when I thought, Perfect! On the mirror! I think people overlook bathrooms when decorating, but really, think about how much time we spend in them! The owls match perfectly with her rugs, and the size is just right – Not big enough to obscure vision in the mirror, but it is definitely a focal point and adds a touch of whimsy. The decal set comes on clear transfer paper, which is really helpful since you can see exactly where you’re placing them (especially when you have to line one up with another). I’ll need to cut a bit off the branch where the smaller owl meets it because the feet don’t quite match up with the holes, but that will be easy to do with a blade. I also had to watch out for air bubbles, but the smooth surface of the mirror really made the decals look painted on! Overall, this decal was quite simple to put up (10 minutes or less!), and I had fun placing all the little leaves in just the right spots ;).

Check out all of CherryWalls' designs, I'm sure something will catch your eye and inspire creativity!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bow and Hair Clip Holder

I previously received a headband holder to review, but then thought, what about all of my daughter’s hair clips and bows? I remember my mom buying a hair bow holder for me when I was younger, and looked for options online. I wanted something to match her room but not take up too much space. This little bird and tree design is so cute, and thanks to Lindsay for customizing it for me to match her room perfectly! It doesn’t take up much space, but can hold lots and lots of clips. It’s so pretty that it functions as decoration as well as a bow holder. Every little girl’s room should have one!

A little info about Lindsay and her Etsy Shop, Lindan Shop:
     "Hello : ) My name is Lindsay. I graduated in 2010 with a degree in Graphic Design. Everything you see in my shop has been created by me. I am very thankful that I have been able to combine my love for art and my love for children. I adore creating cute things and creating for sweet little babies' birthday parties is a plus! : )
     Along with creating, I spend my days with a sweet little Scottish Terrier puppy and a wonderfully supportive husband that thinks the world of me. To add even more love to the mix, I have just recently found out that I am expecting a sweet baby girl. I cannot wait to be a mother & meet her! :)"
Lindsay has lots of sweet designs in Lindan Shop, and she makes anything from invitations, to cake toppers, to art prints. Check them out! 

Name Blocks and a Headband Holder

I was lucky enough to review 2 of Kelly's items from her Etsy shop, MacyMaeDesigns - a set of personalized blocks and a headband holder. The wooden blocks are covered with pretty pastel pink papers and spell out my daughter’s name in pink sticker letters. The papers and letters are coated with a clear finish to seal them onto the blocks, prevented any peeling off. The blocks are then finished off with sweet embellishments. This will look great on her bookshelf! 

I was able to request a pink and green headband holder to match her room. This will be so useful, since she already has quite a few headbands! The design itself is so simple, yet practical and pretty. The green fabric covers a tube that the headbands slide onto, and the pink ribbon, pink flower, and jewels turn functionality into decoration! 

Here is a little info about Kelly:
     "I work the ol 9 to 5 at a doctors office by day and am a crafting fool by night! I am new to Etsy, and so excited to share my "loves" to everyone out there! It would be my dream to create beautiful, girly accessories and decor full-time. Enjoy!"

Check out Kelly's Etsy Shop, MacyMaeDesigns. Here are a few of her other designs:

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fun Summer Dresses

Dresses are so easy, just slip it onto your little girl and go. They are also great for summer because they're light and airy. Check out these cute designs by Tamera in her Etsy shop, Jazzy Girl Boutique. She has tons of prints available at very reasonable prices, so you can choose a few! Her pillowcase dresses are great because the ribbon shoulder straps can be adjusted as your child grows, and can even be worn as a top when your baby girl grows into a little lady! Tamera also makes other styles to suit your taste. I love her little pink polkadot halter:

A little about Tamera:
     "I'm a stay at home mom of two boys and one little girl. She is Jazlyn and inspired me to start Jazzy Girl. I love to make things for her and decided to make things for other princesses as well!"

I like the ease of dresses, and I’m glad I received this one in a larger size since they’re really not practical right now. Once my daughter starts walking consistently I won’t have to worry so much about her not being able to crawl in them or being able to shimmy out of her diaper without bloomers or pants on. The print of this dress is extra special to me, since I sewed a mei tai in this exact same print for my daughter. She used the mei tai during the first year of her life, and now she’ll wear the same print on this dress during her second year! The matching pink ribbons for the shoulder ties are the perfect accent! The simple cut of this dress makes it comfortable, yet the work put into it by Tamera is hidden. Every seam is surged and straight, the ribbons are sewn down so they will never come out, and the armholes are even finished with seam tape for extra durability and a clean finish. There’s even a tag sewn on the inside with the brand and size printed. This dress looks professionally made, and comes with a card including washing instructions and information about Jazzy Girl Boutique, so it would be a great gift as well. I can’t wait for my daughter to grow into this dress!

Tamera is sponsoring a giveaway of one of her dresses. You choose the size, and she'll choose the print! 

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Tutti Fruitti Apple Skirt and Onesie

Visit CeCe Lu Couture for adorable dresses and matching clothing sets for little boys and girls!

I love putting my daughter in dresses and skirts. However, the problem with dresses is that I always have to look for matching bloomers so that she can’t get to her diaper (if you know what I mean J) There are skirts with bloomers already sewn into them, but then I have to put a t-shirt on her, which I don’t really like since they always ride up on her belly. I can’t put a onesie on underneath a bloomered skirt since a triple layer – diaper, onesie, skirt with bloomer – is not an option in 100 degree Texas heat. I know, I make it sound so difficult! Anyway, my preferred solution is a onesie and a skirt, which is exactly what I received to review from Jessie's Etsy store, CeCe Lu Couture, in an adorable green and red apple design! 

Since I sew, I appreciate good craftsmanship when I see it. I must say that no corners were cut in regards to this onesie and skirt set. In fact, CeCe Lu Couture's profile states:
"We at CeCe Lu Couture love making quality and beautiful pieces for your Prince or Princess. Only the best quality fabric and clothing are used and lots of love and care are put into every piece and every outfit."

I love that the apple embroidered onto the onesie has a little bite out of it, just like the apples on the fabric! The green polka dot pattern on the bottom of the skirt also matches well, and all of the seams are sewn well. I also love the ruffle effect on the waist caused by the way she sewed the elastic – so chic! Lol.  

Reversible Workhorse Summer Hat

My husband and I just moved into a neighborhood with 2 community pools, so we plan to take our daughter swimming a lot….. it’s the only sensible thing to do outdoors here during the summer! She’s still quite young and pretty fair skinned, so I always have to put a hat and lots of sunscreen on her. I needed a workhorse hat – one that she could get wet, that I could shove into my bag, pocket, armpit, wherever, that I could wash over and over again without it losing its shape…..and, of course, one that was cute! 

Besides great hats (check out her Mommy & Me sets), Andrea has shoes, dresses, and other great children's items for sale in her Etsy shop, Bula Jeans Boutique. Most shops usually cater to little girls, but Andrea makes lots of great items for boys too:

A little about Andrea and her shop:
     "Hello! My name is Andrea Jean (Bula is a nickname my husband calls me). I am a self-proclaimed craft-o-holic and a scrap-bin junkie. Since preschool I have been collecting and saving things that might one day be useful. Before the days of recycling my Mom had to bury plastic containers, etc. at the bottom of the trash so I wouldn't pick them out. I am obsessed with finding new uses for things others throw out.
     I am a blessed mommy to a 5-month-old little angel. Thanks to the recent success of my other etsy shop (futureleader78)I am able to stay at home with my her this year. This new shop has been inspired by her! Ever since our home began filling up with baby items I have been left wanting more. More organic - less plastics, more natural - less chemicals, more quality - less waste. This is what I aim to provide with my new products."

I love both the owl print and green floral print of this hat, and the fact that it's reversible - the colors are so bright and summery. No matter how many times I wash it or how I abusively stuff it into my bag, the cleverly designed brim still flares out to cover her neck and face. The buttoned chinstrap also prevents her from taking it off (Velcro doesn’t work on this girl). Awesome summer hat!