Tuesday, June 28, 2011

2 Owls on a Branch

CherryWalls is an Etsy shop where you can find lots of fun decals for any room in your house. They offer a variety of trees in all sorts of styles, designs for children or adults, and also monograms which I don't see very often. The decals can be customized in a variety of colors, and are elegant, yet whimsical. Here are some designs:

Veronica sent me a cute decal of 2 owls sitting on a branch, and I was able to choose the colors of the owls. At first I wasn’t sure where to put this decal up. I felt like it would be too small to put by itself in a room, but was so cute that I wanted it somewhere prominent. I was walking through my house and popped into my daughter’s bathroom to pick up some laundry when I thought, Perfect! On the mirror! I think people overlook bathrooms when decorating, but really, think about how much time we spend in them! The owls match perfectly with her rugs, and the size is just right – Not big enough to obscure vision in the mirror, but it is definitely a focal point and adds a touch of whimsy. The decal set comes on clear transfer paper, which is really helpful since you can see exactly where you’re placing them (especially when you have to line one up with another). I’ll need to cut a bit off the branch where the smaller owl meets it because the feet don’t quite match up with the holes, but that will be easy to do with a blade. I also had to watch out for air bubbles, but the smooth surface of the mirror really made the decals look painted on! Overall, this decal was quite simple to put up (10 minutes or less!), and I had fun placing all the little leaves in just the right spots ;).

Check out all of CherryWalls' designs, I'm sure something will catch your eye and inspire creativity!

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