Friday, February 25, 2011

Those are not toys!!!

Cardboard boxes, paycheck stubs, wires, laptops, cellphones, remote controls, shoes, drawers, paper bags, plastic bags, the strips that outline foam mats that connect together (know what I'm talking about? anybody?)

Why do we spend so much money on "educational" toys that make noises, have lights, and generally do weird things, when our house is already full of baby toys??? Ok, besides all the electronics.


Alessandra @Tribal Times said...

Ha ha! So true!

ThaiHoa said...

I totally agree. My daughter has all these awesome toys and yet she reaches for the laptop, ipad, cell phones, remotes, and xbox controllers. She has completely shut down my laptop for a while and now it is all quirky although working.

Christie Cottage said...

LOL So true!

Kids love boxes. They love bubble wrap. Let them stomp the bubble wrap and color all over those giant boxes. Of course my grandson and I make sheet tents in the living room. It may take an hour for me to get it all folded back up, but the memories are worth every second of it!

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Linda said...

Stopping by from bloggy moms follow me/follow you. I remember those days well. Now I'm smack dab in the middle of tween-ville.

Amie said...

Great blog. I'm also stopping by from bloggy moms. I'd love for you to stop by my site


TriGirl said...

Hehe, I was just having a conversation with a mom about that today, as we both told her child that the remote he had just opened and tossed on the floor was 'not a toy!' :)

Stopping by from Come Smile with Me.

Tab @ Home Life Relived said...

Really like your blog. I totally agree with this :D Following you and stopping by from bloggy moms and would love for you to follow me back. I am number only need 2 more to hit your goal YAY!
Have a great night!

Mrs. E said...

That is a good question. They want to play with everything but their toys when they are little. Even my son at 11 goes through the house looking for things to make his creations with. Thanks for the follow, following back now :)

Missy said...

Yep...that is very true! Most kids just prefer the boxes of toys to actual toys. It allows them to be more creative I think, being a teacher I get to see first hand with 30 kids just how creative they can be with 'junk'. It's pretty amazing!

Just found you through FLOB :-) Happy Thursday!

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