Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Introducing Deb's Dryer Balls....and a little discount too!

     I met Deb when I was looking for Hyenacart congos to be a guest vendor. What is a congo? What is Hyenacart? Hyenacart.com is a great place to find all sorts of handmade items. A congo is a group of vendors who create a Hyenacart store together. Vendors can also be a guest in congos for a month. I have my own Hyenacart store, "Annelyn Designs" http://hyenacart.com/Annelyndesigns/ and was a guest in Deb's "Amazing Baby Creations" congo http://hyenacart.com/AmazingBabyCreations/.
     I mentioned in a previous post that vendors at craft shows often buy from each other. Well, the same thing happens with vendors on Hyenacart! Deb bought 2 baby carriers from me, and I bought a set of regular sized dryer balls from her store "Absolute Delights" http://hyenacart.com/AbsoluteDelights/. I had been meaning to try out dryer balls, so this worked out perfectly. I loved them so much I decided to post a review of them on here.

     Who is Deb? "I am a mom to nine, my last baby is my inspiration. He was a baby that beat the odds...at every corner. He showed me anything is possible, and showed me that we should always reach for the stars. I opened my store after he was home and healthy....I had been making and selling dryer balls a year prior to opening my store, and did many rounds of testing to ensure i was selling the best I could. I started making the cocoon for my son (He needed a blanket that would stay on; I couldn't find one, so i made one). I found there was a market for cocoons so tested a few rounds and have sold over two dozen in the last five months. My children, my family and myself have fun testing and using each product I make."

     So, what are dryer balls? They are knitted balls of wool used in place of fabric softener. You just throw them into your dryer and they soften your clothes AND shorten the drying time - especially great for large loads that may need multiple dry cycles. I can't stand crunchy clothes, but as an eco-friendly mama, have always felt it was wasteful to use up sheet after sheet of fabric softener. I could also never remember to add the liquid fabric softener into the wash. Plus, I don't feel comfortable using the sheets with my little one's clothes because of all the chemicals (she has very sensitive skin). This seemed like the perfect solution! The dryer balls can also be scented, so your clothes come out snuggly AND smelling great. Deb has a huge list of scents to choose from or you can order them unscented. I love the smell of Snuggle fabric softener, so Deb suggested I get the Clean Cotton scent.
     My package arrived within a few days and my 2 regular size dryer balls came wrapped in a sweet little package. The moment I opened the package the wonderful smell of them took me straight to the laundry isle. Let me explain. My favorite isle in any grocery store is not the makeup isle, not the wine isle, not even the candy isle. It is the laundry isle. Oh sweet bliss, I inhaled and exhaled deeply as if I was standing in the store. Ahhh.

Here are some pictures before I did my tests!

I decided to give the dryer balls a REAL test. I had a huge load of pants and jeans. Normally, I'd have to run the dryer twice to get the jeans totally dry. I hate wet pockets! To my amazement, after one run through the dryer, all of the pants were dry, and they smelled great! I used these on about 5 loads of laundry this weekend (that sounds like a lot of laundry doesn't it...but I only wash on the weekends). The dryer balls are holding up great and still giving off that clean, fresh smell. You can throw them in the washing machine when they get "dirty" and then add a few drops of any essential oil to change the scent.

After 5 uses....still look new to me!


I highly recommend Deb's dryer balls. It's a money saver, planet saver (every little bit counts, right?), and time saver. They are very affordable too!

2 small balls, 8 inches pre-felted for $6.00

2 regular balls, 10 inches pre-felted for $8.00 
2 large balls, 12 inches pre-felted for $10.00
scent, $0.50 each (over 18 to choose from)
Sample Pack for $22
2 small balls, 8 inches pre-felted 
2 regular balls, 10 inches pre-felted  
2 large balls, 12 inches pre-felted 
scent, free!

Other available colors:
~~ New scents added~~~Made to order!  Pocket dryer balls  ~~with scent option~~~~ New scents added~~~Made to order!  Pocket dryer balls  ~~with scent option~~

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ThaiHoa said...

They sound awesome. She must be some kind of creative and scientifically minded to develop such a great eco-friendly idea!

Lisa Brown said...

Oh my gosh! These sound amazing! I HATE drier sheets, but grudgingly use them anyways. I think I'm gonna have to give these a try!

AnnelynDesigns said...

I'm sure Deb would love you too ;)
They are awesome!

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