Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Making my own baby food

     So I knew before my daughter was born that I wanted to make her baby food instead of using jar food. It's healthier, more eco-friendly, cheaper (although I'm starting to question this), and tastes better. I started researching when she was about 2 months old and realized there were actually baby food makers! No more hassle of steaming and pureeing in separate machines. I loved that these appliances were small since I planned to make her food fresh daily. After looking at all the different options, I realized only a few of these baby food makers were available in the U.S. At the time, the new Brezza and the other one by FAO weren't out yet. There were quite a few more options available in Europe, where I guess a lot more people make baby food. However, I didn't want to pay the outrageous prices to get them over here so was left looking at the Beaba Babycook and the First Years All-in-one. There was a significant price difference between the two and I thought hmmm....is this one of those "you get what you pay for" cases? I have had issues with other First Years products and preferred that the Beaba had the steamer and chopper in the same chamber....less cleaning! Plus, it's CUTE! I found a gently used one from a sweet mom at thebabywearer.com for almost half the price and was really excited to use it. Well I loved it. It was actually kind of fun coming up with combinations and seeing what my baby liked to eat.
     However, for all of you out there who buy organic, it is not cheap. I'm sure it's still cheaper to make your own food, but like I said, it's not cheap. My hubby and I really started talking about eating organic when I was pregnant. I'm sure this is a familiar case with lots of parents....you start thinking about what you're doing to your body pretty seriously when you have a child to consider. We decided the extra cost was worth it, and have been buying organic ever since.
     Well the Beaba worked like a charm for about 4 months. I'm pretty sure it was our fault that it broke, well I wouldn't call it breaking, more like becoming possessed. Yes, my Beaba is possessed. Whenever I plug it in the chopper starts whizzing at top speed. I can't get it to steam, and can't get it to stop unless I unplug it. It's actually kind of scary. I was such a chicken I had to stand around the corner and pulled the cord out. I was scared the blades would somehow spin off, shatter the plastic container, and slice my hand off. I know, dramatic, but I'm the type of pessimist who imagines chopping a finger off every time I cut an apple. Is that crazy? Anyway, I haven't been able to use it for a few days and it's driving me crazy. I've ordered a new one but in the meantime I'm using my rice cooker to steam her food and a little chopper to puree.
     Do you feed your child jar food or make your own? What methods do you use to cook the baby food? When did you stop or plan to stop cooking baby food and move over solely to table food?


Adventures as a Small Town Mom said...

I plan to make my daughter's baby food too, but haven't done any research yet. Would you recommend I purchase the Beaba? Stupid question - where do you find recipes for baby food?

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AnnelynDesigns said...

Yes, I would recommend the Beaba, though I haven't tried any of the other machines. I've looked recipes up on a few websites, but honestly haven't really used them. I just use whatever comes to mind and don't generally add seasoning into the food (I've only tried a little cinnamon). I think the flavor of the fresh ingredients should season it enough.
I feed her mostly organic chicken with a mix of veggies and fruits including apple, banana, blueberry, mango, sweet potato, pees, green beans, carrots, spinach, edamame, broccoli, etc. I also mix in some sort of cereal (brown rice, oatmeal, etc) that has DHA and probiotics in it.

I really like this website:

Hope that helps!

The Rheinlander's said...

I actually bought the Beaba but ended up returning it because I felt like there was no time for me to really make my own baby food! I do buy organic and try to feed her healthy stuff! I was purchasing baby earth or Sprout but now she eats table food. She is a happy and healthy 1 year old. Following from Bloggy Moms and Liked on FB. Looking forward to your post.

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