Friday, February 11, 2011

Confessions of a former blog hater

Before I go any further I need to admit something - I used to make fun of people who blog. I apologize if this explanation offends any of my fellow bloggers ;).
     I just didn't get the point of blogging. My thought was, why do people think anyone cares about what they have to say? Talk about being full of it! I mean, it's one thing if you're sharing new data, known facts, you know, useful's another if you're just spouting out randomness.
     I was really influenced to start my own blog after hearing so many people say how it helped draw others to their websites/businesses. Yes, I know, what a sincere reason right? But hey, all of you (actually, most likely just a singular "you".....hi Mom) out there judging me right now sit and think about the random things you've ever done to try and make money. And you know what, it's HARD to get noticed on Etsy (whine)!
     Anyway, as I hesitantly thought and thought about whether or not I wanted to start a blog, and whether I even had time to keep up with one, I realized something - I've actually found lots of useful information on blogs. Every time my laptop messes up, I don't find an answer to the problem on the Apple website do I? Nope! I find it on BLOGS. Or when I have a question about what all those letters mean on my camera, or reviews for things I want to buy, see, or eat, or how to get my 8 month old to eat more, sleep more, or learn more......BLOGS! Really, blogs are like Wikipedia, the people who give out information may not have degrees or titles, but that doesn't mean it's just have to use your judgement.
     After I came to terms with the fact that blogs weren't just for narcissistic people bestowing their genius on the world, I realized something else - who cares if anyone reads my blog! I can blog for myself and sift back through my memories whenever I like, and if someone else finds them interesting, great, if not, that's great too.


Brea said...

Hi! I blog for myself, too :) Love your shop! SO CUTE!!

Following you from Bloggy Moms-I look forward to reading what you have to say!


AmberFaith said...

Following you from Bloggy Moms!


Michelle said...

Hi, I can't wait to see what you write next. I enjoyed your post. I know what you mean about blogging. It took me along time to get mine up and keeping up with it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. I'm a new follower from Bloggy Moms.


Christie Cottage said...

LOL I love this post!

I finally got the hang of blogging and it is how I start my mornings. I usually cruise thru my blogger reader commenting on blogs. Lately it has been hard to get comments posted everywhere, but some days I get thru all of those I follow just to let them know I was there.

Thanks for sharing!


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