Wednesday, October 19, 2011

How to Entertain Your Young Child and Yourself without Going Broke

I keep googling, hoping to find a comprehensive list of things to do (preferably in Plano or Frisco) with my daughter. She is 16.5 months this week, so she's not quite a full blown toddler, but certainly no longer an infant. I've found it's hard to find places that are fun for children this age, since they aren't agile enough to play unattended - and by unattended I mean without a parent following 3 steps behind their every move.

Places like Gymboree and The little Gym are great, but expensive. We went once to The Little Gym and she really enjoyed it, and I was so close to signing her up, though we couldn't really afford it. That's the thing isn't it, when something is sold as "good for your child" you feel like a bad parent when you don't do it. I pondered for a few days with the decision, wondering if I'd be stunting her social and mental health if I didn't sign her up. I also realized these types of outings weren't purely for the kids. There was also the promise of a treat for moms - lunch dates after play time! Surely there had to be cheaper ways to entertain my child and myself!

I started looking up mom groups to join. Not knowing anything about mom groups or play groups, I stumbled upon Meetup. Whomever you are and whatever you like to do, there is a group on Meetup that's perfect for you! I found several mom groups in my area that included children around my daughter's age and signed up. Some groups seemed more active than others, but what a wealth of information these ladies have provided! I have found out about parks I'd never heard of, been able to pair up with other mommies who have family memberships to get in free to places like the zoo or arboretum, heard about the best playgrounds, and been invited to many other fun free activities for kids... not to mention the home play dates! Who knew there were so many great things to do with young children!

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