Friday, September 23, 2011

Welcome Back

It's been SOOO long! I had started this blog with the intention of discussing parenthood and trying to balance work and being a mom. However, I took a review hiatus and didn't have the time to do any other blogging. I also took a break completely from blog hops, networking, etc. this past 2 months. We've finally settled into our new house and I now feel the urge to write again! Hopefully there is still someone out there interested in this little blog, but if'll be a nice public journal for me :).


Christie Cottage said...

Gla dyou have gotten settled in. A break from the computer is always nice too!


Gena said...

Welcome back! We all need breaks from time to time. Life can get so busy and things can get away from us really fast!

I'm still subscribed so whenever you're ready to post, I'll be hear reading!


Good Girl Gone Green said...

Breaks are ok! I am sure people will come back for a nice read! Good luck...

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